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PeakView Mortgage Professionals, Inc. offers a variety of loan programs to meet your needs. We work with the leading lenders in the industry to provide:

                                                                    Loan Program Menu


Conventional:                                  Fixed Rate & Adjustable-Rate Loans Available

Manufactured Homes (Doublewide or Triple-wide)


FHA & VA Loans:                             Fixed Rate & Adjustable-Rate Loans Available

                                                                    Manufactured Homes (Singlewide, Doublewide or Triple-wide)


Jumbo Loans:                                   Fixed Rate & Adjustable-Rate Loans Available

                                                                    (Up to 40 Acres)


Non-Conforming:                          Bank Statements (Self Employed Borrowers)

                                                                   DSCR Loans on Investment


Specialty Programs:

  • One Step Construction to Permanent (up to 100% LTV)

  • Reverse Mortgages, Both Proprietary and HECM (Refinance & Purchase)

  • 1st and 2nd Combo’s up to 97.5% CLTV (Avoid Jumbo Restrictions)

  • 100% LTV USDA Rural (Based on Appraised Amount)

  • Bridge Loans up to 85% CLTV

  • 97.5% LTV HELOC (Primary & Second Homes)

  • 97.5% CLTV Fixed Rate 2nd Mortgage

  • Manufactured Homes to 95% LTV- Doublewide or Triple-wide on Permanent Foundations

  • Fix and Flip Short Term up to 90% LTV on purchase price & 90% Of Improvements. (Contractor not required) Some Area Limitations

  • Lock Without a Property as well as up to 180 day extended locks

  • Commercial Properties

  • Full and Part Time Farm and Ranch Loans

Taking the Key
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